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Installation image of an exhibition in a virtual gallery.

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Bespoke Services

Conceptualise, curate and create exceptional digital experiences. We understand that your business might have unique needs. Get in touch with us and we can build a customised solution for you that includes VR, AR and embeddable 3D technologies.

Image shows a virtual viewing room, in mid-century style, with a large picture window

Environment creation

Scan your own gallery space, or work with architects and artists to bring ambitious imagined spaces to life. Use this seamlessly within Vortic to curate and publish exhibitions. Environments are reusable and can be used simultaneously.
Image of an exhibition on Vortic shown across different devices

Bespoke exhibitions

Invite artists or curators you work with to envisage bold and challenging new artworks and exhibitions specifically for the digital realm.

3D scanning

Scan sculptural and relief artworks in exquisite detail with surprising ease and affordability. Our custom photogrammetry technology removes the need for expensive technical teams, bringing extraordinary 3D renders within reach.