Vortic For Galleries

Images shows a Sickert exhibition installed in a virtual gallery space with a skylight showing the open sky

Galleries now need digital presences that complement, strengthen and expand their physical ones.

In a world without communication boundaries and where immediacy is the norm, galleries need an exciting way to engage with existing and new clients and audiences, presenting them works in the most engaging way.

Vortic meets the challenges of the ever changing art world, expanding your gallery’s walls and reach beyond their physical presence, and offering the highest quality digital viewing available.

From a single interface you can curate and instantly publish impeccably rendered and beautifully lit public and private exhibitions across web, mobile and VR. Alternatively, you can choose to simply host an interactive 3D gallery on your own website.

Our platform is unique, it was built for the art world by experts from the field and perfected by leading art institutions.

Our aim is to increase accessibility, and reduce the art world’s carbon footprint, one artwork at a time.

Image of a hand holding a mobile on which a Vortic exhibition menu is showing.

Exhibitions and Promotion

Use your own gallery space or some of the multiple Vortic spaces to expand your physical space and host more exhibitions. Host on Vortic or transform your own website with engaging and dynamic 3D digital exhibitions (embedded exhibitions).

Curate virtual only exhibitions, build a comprehensive 3D exhibition archive mirroring and complementing your physical programming, and plan and build your art fair booth previews in 3D.

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An art galleriest is talking to an art collector who is wearing a VR headset to view an exhibition

Client Relations and Sales

Invite your collectors to see your previews, exhibitions and art fair presentations, not limited by opening hours, geography, or capacity. Meet them in Virtual Reality (VR) or within the 3D exhibitions by using our event platform Sessions in your browser and receive enquiries directly within the platform.

Curate private presentations for your collectors viewable on web, mobile, or VR, and enable collectors to preview fresh work in their own spaces more sustainably with augmented reality (AR).

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Image shows a virtual viewing room, in mid-century style, with a large picture window

Logistics and Sustainability

Vortic’s VR and 3D technology makes your programming more accessible to people unable to travel to view works in person.

Reduce your gallery’s carbon footprint and implement sustainable procedures into your gallery’s operations in multiple ways. For example, you can augment your gallery’s art fair inventory without requiring additional space and shipping.

Save in shipping and logistics costs by reducing the number of artworks shipped for private viewings, and unnecessary travel for you and your team. Instead join your collectors in a high fidelity private exhibition within a VR headset or online to view and discuss works.

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