Engage your audiences like never before

Curate and publish the art world’s highest quality 3D exhibitions instantly across web, mobile, and Virtual Reality (VR).

Vortic is a powerful Virtual Reality and digital exhibition ecosystem for galleries, institutions and collectors to quickly and sustainably curate, share, and revisit exceptional exhibitions with any viewer, anywhere in the world.

Our custom technology brings the realisation of ambitious Virtual Reality projects within reach for artists and curators, supporting you with our blend of technical expertise, and art world experience.


Bring your programme to life

Installation image of an exhibition in a virtual gallery.


Effortlessly curate interactive, memorable, sustainable exhibitions
Image of an exhibition on Vortic shown across different devices


Publish instantly to public or private audiences though our web, mobile and VR ecosystem
Photo shows a woman viewing an art exhibition on Vortic in a Meta Quest headsset


Deliver deeply engaging experiences and create new conversations within the platform


Easily create and share exhibitions across interactive 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, supported at every step by our specialist teams.

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Image of an exhibition on Vortic shown across different devices

The Vortic Ecosystem

The Vortic universe encompasses web, mobile, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality headset (VR).

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Images shows a Sickert exhibition installed in a virtual gallery space with a skylight showing the open sky

Public and Private Viewings

From a single user-friendly interface, each of your exhibitions will be simultaneously published across the web, our mobile augmented reality app, and our virtual reality app. Exhibitions will be available to your choice of audience – public or private.

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Two images next two each other. A woman wearing black and a man wearing white are both wearing VR headsets in different locations

Talks, Tours, and Social VR

Events such as talks and tours can also be hosted live or on-demand within the 3D exhibition spaces on web and mobile, and Social VR enables you to visit an exhibition alongside anyone, anywhere in the world.

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  • The level of detail in Vortic is remarkable…It’s really quite something, transporting in a way that is both disconcerting and thrilling.

    Nancy Durrant Evening Standard
  • Vortic was a great experience for Baró Galería and its collectors. Thanks to Vortic we were able to vastly expand our exhibition space and have our collectors being exposed to many more of our artists than we could ever have put into one booth at a fair. Also it made us understand that through these technologies, many more options are on offer to communicate with our collectors. One can develop focused exhibitions of our artists which in real space and time would be extremely complicated to realise, muchas gracias amigos de Vortic!!

    Baró Galería
  • One of the things that can never happen online is that you can never really reproduce the physical impact of these giant images, but I think this is right now, as close as you can get.

    Ralph Rugoff Director - Hayward Gallery, participant in Season One of theVOV

Be part of the future of the art world online.

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Visually powerful and easy to navigate, we’ve developed technology that creates virtual exhibitions that can be distributed across multiple devices, instantly. Intended to provoke collaborations, start conversations and incite ideas, it’s quick to use, extremely high quality and exceptionally detailed.

It also has sales functionality, audience engagement, and transparency built in.

Our experience, our knowledge and our technology equips us to help the art world take the next leap forward. Join us.