For Collectors

Installation image of an exhibition in a virtual gallery.

Enjoy private and shared moments with great works of art

Curate multiple exhibitions in your custom space, uncovering new relations between pieces in your collection, and displaying works next to each other that might be difficult or even impossible to do so in a physical space. View them instantly across mobile, web, and in a Virtual Reality headset.

Image shows the Vortic curating tool, with options for changing the lighting of an artwork by Abel Auer, courtesy of Corvi Mora.

Access to curating exhibitions can be given to your adviser, guest curators or whomever you may wish to interact with your collection – publicly or privately.

An art galleriest is talking to an art collector who is wearing a VR headset to view an exhibition

Vortic’s Social VR adds a new layer to the digital experience. Walk around your collection privately or be co-present with your adviser, artists, or fellow collectors.